Prayers and Packages


Ah and the summer is almost over! I have just finished my summer class (YESS), celebrated my 20th birthday, and have been doing my best to take advantage of the sunshine. Several times I have thought about posting something, but I either feel like I have nothing interesting to say, or I have forgotten to take pictures of my cooking creations 😦 .My summer has been busy with work, class, and several other activities. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with friends because they all live at least an hour away from me, and getting together is almost impossible.

Perhaps the one person who I miss the most is my roommate. This summer she got the opportunity to do an internship for 2 months in L.A! She had been counting the days during our spring semester until she got to leave, and I was so excited for her! I feel like I almost went through the process with her as she did her Skype interviews and call-ins as she prepared to leave. Β We had a few scares about whether or not she could go, but she has a strong faith and trusted that if it was meant to be, then it would happen. Little did she know what would be in store for her when she got there.

My roommate was raised like me-in cornfields. So moving to LA for the summer was a challenge in and of itself. She loves the city, so I doubt that its bothering her, but still it would take a little getting used to. Also, her original internship wasn’t working for her, so thankfully she got to switch to one that was more suited to her taste. Along with that little fiasco, she and her BF broke up.

He was lucky that he was out of the state because I would have ran him over with my car.

I have never wanted to get on a plane so badly in my entire life. I was ripping through my bank statements with tears streaming down my face, trying to figure out how I could swing a round trip ticket to LA just so that I could cry with my best friend. I was so angry. And I was angry that I couldn’t be with her. So instead I sent her stuff!

This is the cool part. I had put together a care package for my roomie and I sent it out on a Tuesday, Priority mail shipping (best thing ever). It had all kinds of random goodies in it like Easy Mac, single serve cereal cups, tissues, nail polish, etc. I woke up on Thursday, 2 days later, to a text that said that her and her BF had split. Guess when she got the package. Thursday night.

I couldn’t have possibly planned that myself. She even said that it was all she could do to stop crying that day, and perfectly I had supplied her with tissues. She said that the care package was the only thing that had made her smile all day.

I had been praying for her every time I thought about her. “God be with Dana today.” Now that she was having a rough time, the prayers multiplied. Β I instantly started putting together another package for her with a hand written letter so that I could send it ASAP. Meanwhile, I had been keeping up with all of her Facebook pictures and posts, and in one of them she mentioned writing an autobiography about her life and this experience. Little did she know that I had just sent her a journal a day prior to reading that post. GOD MOMENT!!

I can’t help but get chills when I think about it! After telling my mom all of this, she asked me, “Have you been praying for her?” I replied, “Everyday.” She smiled and said, “That’s why.”

God loves us. God loves us so much. I feel his love for me as I send encouragement and prayers across the country to my roommate. I would never wish her circumstances on anyone, but without these hard times, our friendship and our faith wouldn’t have gotten stronger.

I don’t know what I’ll send next. I would like to send her chocolate, but the chances of it melting are pretty high. Also, Priority mail shipping is kickin’ my butt! $$ But its worth it πŸ™‚

I would like to get some more recipes up! I am going to be selling some pretty awesome goodies at a local farmers market this weekend, so maybe I’ll post recipes for those!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚



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